PatientConnect Core

                    • Real-time video call, phone calls, and texting
                    • Medication reminders
                    • Caregiver engagement
                    • Wound imaging
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                    How can PatientConnect Core help?


                    Improves quality of life and facilitates comfort through symptom management.


                    Promotes patient independence and provides peace of mind.


                    Allows patients real-time connection (video, text, call) to care team.

                    PatientConnect Core features

                    Key Product Features

                    • 90+ customized care plans
                    • Virtual visits
                    • Medication reminders
                    • Symptom surveys
                    • Condition-specific education
                    • Teach back quizzes
                    • Customized risk alerts
                    • Wound imaging
                    • Caregiver connection
                    • Personal goal setting

                    PatientConnect Core Use Case

                    PatientConnect Core, HRS' tablet only solution promotes peace of mind and facilitates real-time connection between the care team, caregiver, and patient. For palliative, hospice, behavioral health patients, and more, PatientConnect Core enables symptom management, close clinical monitoring, and quick escalation should a crisis arise.




                    Palliative Care


                    Behavioral Health


                    Orthopedic Surgery

                    PatientConnect Core Resources

                    We have found, even with the most complex cases, telemedicine adds such value and support to those we serve. Our goal, as well as our patient's, is to make sure they can stay home and have the tools to help themselves stay out of the hospital.

                    - Dan Casey, Director of Telehealth and Clinical Support Services, Norwell VNA

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