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                    Physician + Group Practices

                    HRS’ PatientConnect Suite enables physician and group practices to drive patient engagement and improve clinical outcomes across their patient population by providing a touch-point between and after in-person visits.
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                    Building Patient Loyalty & Maximizing Value-Based Care

                    180+ Health Systems | 225,000+ Patients Served | 90+ Conditions

                    HRS physician and group practice partners are utilizing the PatientConnect telehealth suite to provide continuous connection between their clinical team and patients, delivering preventative care across all patient cohorts, ultimately improving patient loyalty and outcomes.

                    Telehealth Solutions For Every Patient

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                    PatientConnect Complete

                    Monitor your highest risk patients with HRS' all-encompassing remote patient monitoring solution.

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                    PatientConnect Core

                    Communicate with patients, and manage medications with HRS' tablet only offering.

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                    PatientConnect Mobile

                    Expand access to care across all patients populations with HRS' Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offering.

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                    PatientConnect Voice

                    Deliver automated calling to increase patient engagement and adherence post hospital discharge.

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                    Engaging patients from Practice to Home

                    Pre-visit, Post-visit, and Follow-up Care

                    • Patient receives care within your practice
                    • Patient is enrolled in the HRS telehealth and RPM program and from home, engages in virtual visits, vital sign monitoring, and condition-specific education 
                    • Your clinical team monitors patients and intervenes in real-time to avoid adverse events from occurring
                    • Using the updated CPT codes, your team is reimbursed for the telehealth care they've provided patients

                    Webinar Series: Pursuing Telehealth Reimbursement

                    On March 5th, 2020, HRS Director of Reimbursement, Gerald Buggs, MSJ, and HRS VP of Clinical Services, Patty Upham, hosted...

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                    2020 CMS Telehealth & RPM Billing Guidelines

                    Beginning in 2019, and now continuing into 2020, the Center for  Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) significantly expanded...

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                    Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient

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